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The Rolling Stones

Artist:  The Rolling Stones
Origin:  London, England
Genre:  Rock, Blues Rock, Rock 'N' Roll, Rhythm & Blues, British Invasion, Hard Rock

Original line-up:

Brian Jones:  Guitar, Harmonica
Ian Stewart:  Piano
Mick Jagger:  Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Keith Richards:  Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dick Taylor:  Bass
Tony Chapman:  Drums

Classic line-up:

Mick Jagger:  Lead and Backing Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion
Keith Richards:  Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Backing and Lead Vocals, Percussion
Brian Jones:  Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Sitar, Accordion, Mandolin, Saxophone, Backing Vocals, Marimba, Autoharp, Percussion
Billy Wyman:  Bass, Keyboards, Marimba, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Charlie Watts:  Drums, Percussion

The Rolling Stones are an English Rock Band formed in London in 1962.  The band is one the British Invasion that became popular in the US during 1964-1965, and became the World's Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Band in the late '60s, the band's influence from the Blues culture by John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf,  and American Blues Music and American Rock such as:  Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry.  The Stones had pioneered of hard-driving Blues-Based Rock 'N' Roll.  The Stones always compared with The Beatles in the different image and in 1966 , The Stones had decided to respond to The Beatles by complex albums to creat to reaction to The Beatles' album "Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and The Stones' album "Their Satanic Majesties Request".

The Rolling Stones were inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 1989 and in The UK Music Hall Of Fame in 2004.  Rolling Stone Magazine ranked the No. 4 on the "100 Greatest Artists Of All Time" list, and they have been released 29 studio albums, 18 live albums, and more 250 million units album sales worldwide.

Title:  Havana Moon (2 CD+DVD Blu-Ray)  (2016)
Genre:  Rock, Blues Rock, Rock 'N' Roll, Rhythm & Blues, British Invasion, Hard Rock
Label:  Eagle Vision
Rating:   *****


Disc 1:  CD

 1.  Jumpin' Jack Flash  (4:46)
 2.  It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)  (4:35)
 3.  Tumbling Dice  (5:03)
 4.  Out Of Control  (7:13)
 5.  All Down The Line  (5:23)
 6.  Angie  (3:30)
 7.  Paint It Black  (5:32)
 8.  Honky Tonk Women  (4:57)
 9.  You Got The Silver  (3:29)
10. Before They Make Me Run  (4:02)
11. Midnight Rambler  (15:29)

Disc 2:  CD

 1.  Miss You  (8:21)
 2.  Gimme Shelter  (8:05)
 3.  Start Me Up  (4:22)
 4.  Sympathy For The Devil  (7:55)
 5.  Brown Sugar  (7:13)
 6.  You Can't Always Get What You Want  (8:58)
 7.  (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction  (10:29)

Disc 3:  DVD Blu-Ray

 1.  Jumpin' Jack Flash  
 2.  It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)  
 3.  Out Of Control  
 4.  Angie  
 5.  Paint It Black 
 6.  Honky Tonk Women  
 7.  You Got The Silver  
 8.  Midnight Rambler 
 9.  Sympathy For The Devil
10. Brown Sugar  
11. You Can't Always Get What You Want 
12. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction   

Bonus Tracks:

13. Tumbling Dice 
14. All Down The Line  
15. Before They Make Me Run  
16. Miss You 
17. Gimme Shelter  
18. Start Me Up   


Mick Jagger:  Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Keith Richards:  Guitar, Vocals
Charlie Watts:  Drums
Ronnie Wood:  Guitar

Additional Musicians:

Darryl Jones:  Bass, Backing Vocals
Chuck Leavell:  Keyboards, Musical Director
Karl Denson:  Saxophone
Tom Ries:  Saxophone, Keyboards
Matt Clifford:  Musical Integrator
Bernard Fowler:  Vocals
Sasha Allen:  Vocals
Coro Entrevoces:  Havana Choir

Havana Moon is the live album by The Rolling Stones, was released on November 11, 2016 by Eagle Vision, captures the historic, once in a lifetime concert in Havana, Cuba.

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