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Artist:  Testament
Origin:  Berkeley, California, USA.
Genre:  Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal

Original line-up:

Eric Peterson:  Guitar
Alex Skolnick:  (Guitar)
Greg Christian:  (Bass)
Louie Clemente:  Drums
Steve Souza:  Vocals,  (Replaced by Chuck Billy in 1986)

Testament is an American Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal Band from Berkeley, California, formed in 1983 by Eric Peterson (Guitar), Alex Skolnick (Guitar), Greg Christian (Bass), Steve Souza (Vocals) and replaced by Chuck Billy in 1986) and Louie Clemente (Drums).  The band is one of the most popular bands of the 1980s in Thrash Metal scene.

Title:  Brotherhood Of The Snake (Embossed Digibook) (2016)
Genre:  Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Label:  Nuclear Blast Records
Rating:   *****


 1.  Brotherhood Of The Snake  (4:15)
 2.  The Pale King  (4:52)
 3.  Stronghold  (4:02)
 4.  Seven Seals  (5:39)
 5.  Born In A Rt  (4:59)
 6.  Centuries Of Suffering  (3:35)
 7.  Black Jack  (4:23)
 8.  Neptune's Spear  (5:27)
 9.  Canna-Business  (3:48)
10. The Number Game  (4:39)


Chuck Billy:  Vocals
Alex Skolnick:  Guitar
Eric Peterson:  Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve DiGiorgio:  Bass
Gene Hoglan:  Drums

Brotherhood Of The Snake is the eleventh studio album by Testament, was released on April 27, 2016 by Nuclear Blast Records.  For Fans of Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus, Destruction, Kreator.

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