Friday, November 25, 2016

Sarah Jane Morris

Artist:  Sarah Jane Morris
Born:  March 21, 1959.  Southampton, England
Genre:  Rock, R&B, Jazz, Pop
Occupation:  Singer, Songwriter
Instruments:  Vocals

Sarah Jane Morris is an English Singer and Songwriter of Jazz, Pop, Rock, and R&B.  In 1982, she joined The Republic as Lead Singer, and then sang with The Happy End, also sang with The Pere Ubu Album, and started solo career in 1989.

Title:  Bloody Rain  (2014)
Genre:  Rock, R&B, Jazz, Pop
Label:  Fallen Angel
Rating:   *****


 1.  Feel The Love  (4:05)
 2.  For A Friend  (3:49)
 3.  No Beyonce  (4:40
 4.  I Shall Be Released  (6:38)
 5.  David Kato  (5:58)
 6.  Comfort They Have None  (5:04)
 7.  Bloody Rain  (4:07)
 8.  Wild Flowers   (4:47)
 9.  Kora  (0:32)
10. Across The Desert To Love  (4:10)
11. Deeper Well  (6:19)
12. Coal Train  (8:23)
13. Get Them Out  (4:31)
14. On My Way To You  (3:56)
15. Men Just Wanna Have Fun  (4:56)


Sarah Jane Morris:  Vocals
Tony Remy:  Acoustic Guitar
Tim Cansfield: Guitar
Henry Thomas:  Acoustic Bass Guitar
Martyn Barker:  Drums, Percussion
Dominic Miller:  Nylon String Guitar
Adriano Adewale:  Vocals, Percussion
Adam Glasser:  Harmonica
John Eacott:  Trumpet
Otis Jack Coulter:  Vocals
Lilybud Dearsley:  Keyboards
Gianluca DeMartini:  Vocals
Izzy Warner:  Vocals
Avishai Cohen:  Trumpet
Courtney Pine:  Saxophone

Bloody Rain is an album by Sarah Jane Morris, was released in 2014 by Fallen Angel.  Great and Powerful Voice and Great Album!.  Highly Recommended!. 

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