Friday, November 18, 2016

Okkervil River

Artist:  Okkervil River
Origin:  Austin, Texas, USA
Genre:  Indie Rock, Folk Rock, Alternative Country, Alternative Rock, Indie Pop

Original line-up:

Will Sheff:  Vocals
Zach Thomas:  Bass, Mandolin
Seth Warren:  Drums

Okkervil River is an American Rock Band led by Will Sheff (Vocals), formed in Austin, Texas in 1998, along with Zach Thomas (Bass, Mandolin), and Seth Warren (Drums).

Title:  Away  (2016)
Genre:  Indie Rock, Folk Rock, Alternative Country, Alternative Rock, Indie Pop
Label:  ATO Records
Rating:   *****


 1.  Okkervil River R.I.P.  (6:41)
 2.  Call Yourself Renee  (7:07)
 3.  The Industry  (4:31)
 4.  Comes Indiana Through The Smoke  (4:45)
 5.  Judey On A Street  (7:16)
 6.  She Would Look For Me  (7:03)
 7.  Mary On A Wave  (5:11)
 8.  Frontman In Heaven  (7:44)
 9.  Days Spent Floating (In The Halfbetween)  (6:55)


Will Sheff:  Vocal, Rhythm Guitar, Moog Synthesizer, Chimeatron
Will Graefe:  Acoustic & Electric Lead Guitar
Cully Symington:  Durms, Tambourine, Shaker
Jonathan Meiburg:  Vocals
Noah Garabedian:  Upright Bass
Benjamin Lazar Davis:  Electric Bass
Marissa Nadler:  Vocals
Brittany Anjou:  Vibraphone
Jose Galeano:  Congas, Bongos, Shaker
Jared Samuel:  Upright Piano, Rhode, Wurlitzer, B3, Mellotron
Brian Donohoe:  Upright Piano, Rhode, Wurlitzer
Alec Spriegelman:  Saxaphone
Jesse Marchant:  Vocals
Lauryn Gould:  Flute
Zobra Atash:  Zills, Coins
CJ Camerieri:  Trumpet
Rob Moose:  Violin
Laura Lutzke:   Violin
Hideaki Aomori:  Clarinet
David Byrd-Marrow:  French Horn
Gabriel Cabezas: Cello
Christian Courtin:  Viola
Mike Davis:  Trombone
Christa Robinson:  English Horn, Oboe
Alex Sopp:  Flute, Piccolo
Mick Rossi:  Grand Piano

Away is the eighth studio album by Okkervil River, was released on September 9, 2016 by ATO Records.  This album features a number of Guest Artists, including Marissa Nadler (former band member and current Shearwater frontman), Jonathan Meiburg (formerly a member of Okkervil River).

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