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Artist:  Rancid
Origin:  Berkeley, California, USA
Genre:  Punk Rock, Punk Revival, Ska Punk,  Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

Original line-up:

Tim Armstrong:  Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
Matt Freeman:  Bass, Backing Vocals
Brett Reed:  Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Rancid is an American  Punk Rock Band from Berkeley, California, formed in 1991 by Tim Armstrong (Guitar, Vocals), Matt Freeman (Bass), and Brett Reed (Drums).  Rancid is often credited, along with Green Day and The Offspring, for reviving mainstream in Punk Rock in the USA, and bring Punk Rock into the mainstream.

Title:  Trouble Maker  (2017)
Genre:  Punk Rock, Punk Revival, Ska Punk,  Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Label:  Hellcat/Epitaph
Rating:   *****


 1.  Track Fast  (0:59)
 2.  Ghost Of A Chance  (1:36)
 3.  Telegraph Avenue  (3:19)
 4.  An Intimate Close Up Of A Street Punk Trouble Maker  (2:34)
 5.  Where I'm Going  (2:24)
 6.  Buddy  (3:04)
 7.  Farewell Lola Blue  (2:27)
 8.  All American Neighborhood  (1:13)
 9.  Bovver Rock And Roll  (3:02)
10. Make It Out Alive  (1:51)
11. Molly Make Up Your Mind  (1:12)
12. I Got Them Blues Again  (1:48)
13. Beauty Of The Pool Hall  (2:16)
14. Say Goodbye To Our Heroes  (2:10)
15. I Kept A Promise  (2:58)
16. Cold Cold Blood  (1:43)
17. This Is Not The End  (1:57)
18. We Arrived Right On Time  (2:21)
19. Go On Rise Up  (2:26)


Tim Armstrong:  Lead Vocals, Guitars
Matt Freeman:  Bass, Vocals
Lars Frederiksen:  Guitar, Vocals
Branden Steineckert:  Drums, Percussion

Trouble Maker is the ninth studio album by Rancid, was released on June 9, 2017 by Hellcat/Epitaph.  The album reached No. 1 on US independent Albums Billboard Chart.

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