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Papa Roach

Artist:  Papa Roach
Origin:  Vacaville, California, USA.
Genre:  Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Rap Rock

Original line-up:

Jacoby Shaddix:  Lead Vocals
Dave Buckner:  Drums, Percussion
Will James:  Bass, Backing Vocals
Ben Luther:  Trombone, later replaced by Jerry Horton (Lead Guitar)

Current line-up:

Jacoby Shaddix:  Lead Vocals
Jerry Horton:  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tobin Esperance:  Bass, Backing Vocals
Tony Palermo:  Drums, Percussion

Papa Roach is an American Rock Band from Vacaville, California.   The group formed by Jacoby Shaddix (Lead Singer) and dave Buckner (Drums) met on the Vacaville High School in 1993 and ended up by Ben Luther (Trombone) and Will James (Bass).  In March 1993 Ben Luther was replaced by Jerry Horton (Lead Guitar).  The group's success continued with their gold and platinum and sold over 18 million copies worldwide.

Title:  Crooked Teeth (Deluxe Limited Edition) (2017)
Genre:  Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Rap Rock
Label:  Eleven Seven
Rating:   *****


Disc 1:  CD

 1.  Break The Fall  (3:11)
 2.  Crooked Teeth  (3:04)
 3.  My Medication  (3:15)
 4.  Born For Greatness  (3:48)
 5.  American Dreams  (3:23)
 6.  Periscope  (3:37)
 7.  Help  (3:35)
 8.  Sunrise Trailer Park  (3:48)
 9.  Traumatic  (2:48)
10 None Of The Above (3:34)
11. Ricochet  (3:12)
12. Nothing  (3:48)
13. Bleeding Through   (3:23)

Disc 2:  CD

 1.  Intro  (1:12)
 2.  Face Everything And Rise  (3:18)
 3.  Getting Away With Murder  (4:00)
 4.  Between Angels And Insects   (4:18)
 5.  Where Did The Angels Go?  (5:07)
 6.  Broken Home  (4:14)
 7.  Burn  (4:03)
 8.  Forever  (6:09)
 9.  Scars  (3:40)
10. Lifeline  (4:12)
11. Infest  (4:18)
12. Kick In The Teeth  (4:26)
13. Broken As Me  (4:41)
14. Still Swingin'  (4:44)
15. ...To Be Loved  (3:54)
16. Last Resort  (4:44)


Jacoby Shaddix:  Vocals
Jerry Horton:  Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tobin Esperance:  Bass. Backing Vocals, Programming
Tony Palermo:  Drums, Percussion

Additional Musicians:

Skylar Grey:  Additional Vocals on Track 
Machine Gun Kelly:  Additional Vocals on Track 8

Crooked Teeth is the ninth studio album by Papa Roach, was released on May 19, 2017 by Eleven Seven, includes single "Help".  The album reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums Chart.

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