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Terry Dolan

Artist:  Terry Dolan
Origin:  San Francisco, California, USA
Born:  1944.  Weston Connecticut, USA
Died:  January 15, 2012.  San Francisco, California, USA
Genre:  Folk Rock, Folk Pop, Contemporary Pop, Psychedelic, Album Rock, Folk Blues, Country Rock, Blue-Eyed Soul
Occupation:  Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Instruments:  Vocals, Guitar

Terry Dolan was an American Folk Rock Singer and Songwriter raised in Weston, Connecticut, deeply influenced by Folk Rock and Country Music, he began playing guitar at 14, by his early inspirations as Lead Belly, Hank Williams, Wanda Jackson and Carl Perkins.  In 1965, he played out locally during this time, performing at Coffeehouses, Clubs, and Festivals alongside such renowned national acts as Elvin Bishop, B.B. King, Taj Mahal, and Blue Cheer, among other.  In 1972, he debuted album, the sessions were recorded with some of the finest musicians in town including Prairie Prince (Drums, later of The Tubes), The Pointer Sisters and with Nicky Hopkins (Piano, who worked and tour with The Rolling Stones), Pete Sears (Multi-Instruments, later to Jefferson Starship), John Cipollina (Guitar from Quicksilver Messenger Service), Greg Douglass (Guitar from Country Weather), Lonnie Turner (Bass, later to Terry & The Pirates, Steve Miller Band), Spencer Dryden (Percussion, later to Jefferson Airplane, New Riders Of The Purple Sage), and Neal Schon (Guitar, later to Santana, Journey).  His soulful vocals are committed by combination of Folk, Blues, Rock and Soul like between Van Morrison, Tim Buckley and Jackson Browne.  He passed away in 2012.

Title:  Terry Dolan  (2016)
Genre:  Folk Rock, Folk Pop, Contemporary Pop, Psychedelic, Album Rock, Folk Blues, Country Rock, Blue-Eyed Soul
Label:  High Noon Records
Rating:  *****


 1.  See What Your Love Can Do  (3:20)
 2.  Angie  (5:33)
 3.  Rainbow  (5:01)
 4.  Inlaws And Outlaws  (5:21)
 5.  Purple An Blonde...?   (4:54)
 6.  Burgundy Blues  (5:36)
 7.  Magnolia  (7:26)
 8.  To Be For You  (1:16)

Bonus Tracks:  Sessions Recorded January 1972:

 9.  Inlaws And Outlaws (Take 18)  (6:08)
10. See What Your Love Can Do  (Take 14)  (3:21)
11. Angie  (Take 12)  (5:22)
12. Rainbow (Take 2)  (6:13)
13. See What Your Love Can Do (Take 12)  (3:24)
14. Inlaws And Outlaws (Dirt Leg Mix)  (6:08)


Terry Dolan:  Guitar, Vocals
Nicky Hopkins:  Piano on Tracks:  1-4
Greg Douglass:  Guitar on Tracks:  1-4, 6 for first solo
Lonnie Turner:  Bass on Tracks:  1, 2, 4, Wind Chimes on Track:  2
Prairie Prince:  Drums on Tracks: 1-4
Spencer Dryden:  Percussion on Tracks:  1-4
John Cipollina:  Slide Guitar on Track:  3, Guitar on Track:  4
Pete Sears:  Bass on Tracks:  3, 5-8, Piano on Track: 6, Keyboards on Tracks:  5, 7, 8, Chimes on Track:  5
Neal Schon:  Guitar on Tracks:  5, 6 for second solo, 
David Weber:  Drums on Tracks:  5-7
Mic Gillette:  French Horn on Track:  7
The Pointer Sisters:  Background Vocals on Tracks:  1, 2, 4
Dallas Williams:  Background Vocals on Tracks:  1, 4
Kathi McDonald:  Background Vocals on Track:  6
Angie Dolan:  Hand Claps on Track:  1

Terry Dolan is the unreleased 1972 album by Terry Dolan, was released on November 25, 2016 by High Noon Records, featuring an All-Star:  Nicky Hopkins, Neal Schon, Pete Sears, John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, Lonnie Turner, The Pointer Sisters, Prairie Prince, Spencer Dryden and many more!.  Highly Recommended!.

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