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Artist:  Dio
Origin:  Cortland, New York, USA.
Genre:   Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Original line-up:

Ronnie James Dio:  Vocals
Jake E. Lee:  Guitar
Jimmy Bain:  Bass
Vinny Appice:  Drums

Dio was an American Heavy Metal Band formed in 1982 by Ronnie James Dio (Vocals), after he left Black Sabbath, with Vinny Appice (Drums) to form the band called Dio.  The Band dissolved in 2010 when Ronnie James Dio died of stomach cancer at the age of 67.

Title:  Live In Santa Monica 1983  (2017)
Genre:   Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Label:  Klondike
Rating:   *****


 1.  Station Introduction  (0:46)
 2.  Stand Up And Shout  (3:26)
 3.  Straight Through The Heart  (4:43)
 4.  Shame On The Night  (5:26)
 5.  Stargazer  (1:54)
 6.  Guitar Solo  (2:22)
 7.  Heaven And Hell  (12:52)
 8.  Holy Diver  (5:29)
 9.  Rainbow In The Dark  (4;44)
10. Man Of The Silver Mountain - Starstruck  (6:35)


Ronnie James Dio:  Vocals
Vivian Campbell:  Guitar
Jimmy Bain:  Bass
Claude Schnell:  Keyboards
Vinny Appice:  Drums

Live In Santa Monica 1983 is the live album by Dio, was released on February 17, 2017 by Klondike, recorded live from Santa Monica, CA on 7th October 1983.

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