Sunday, May 7, 2017

Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough

Artist:  Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough
Origin:  USA
Genre:  Folk, Blues, Country, Gospel

Original line-up:

Brigitte DeMeyer:  Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Ukulele
Will Kimbrough:  Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough are an American Folk Duo.  They have collaborated since meeting in 2009 and have shown in their own work in accept of stripping songs and production down to its roots, consisted of Brigitte DeMeyer (Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele) and Will Kimbrough (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica).

Title:  Mockingbird Soul  (2017)
Genre:  Folk, Blues, Country, Gospel
Label:  BDM Music
Rating:   *****


 1.  Everything  (3:23)
 2.  Broken Fences  (3:48)
 3.  The Juke  (3:41)
 4.  Runnin' Round  (2:49)
 5.  Mockingbird Soul  (4:16)
 6.  Rainy Day  (3:16)
 7.  Little Easy  (3:13)
 8.  I Can Hear Your Voice  (3:12)
 9.  Honey Bee  (2:29)
10. Carpet Baggers Lullaby  (3:36)
11. Until Then  (2:54)
12. October Song  (5:58)


Brigitte DeMeyer:  Vocals, Ukulele
Will Kimbrough:  Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Chris Donohue:   Acoustic Bass

Mockingbird Soul is the debut album by Brigittee  DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough, was released on February 17, 2017 by BDM Music.  Amazing together, Superb Guitar playing and Great Harmonies!.

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