Sunday, May 28, 2017

Adrenaline Rush

Artist:  Adrenaline Rush
Origin:  Taby, Stockholm, Sweden
Genre:  Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal

Original line-up:

Tave Wanning:  Vocals
Ludvig Turner:  Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alexander Hagman:  Guitar, Backing Vocals
Soufian Ma'Aoui:  Bass, Backing Vocals
Marcus Johansson:  Drums

Adrenaline Rush is a Swedish Hard Rock Band from Taby, Stockholm, formed in 2012 by Tave Wanning (Vocals), Ludvig Turner (Guitar), Alexander Hagman (Guitar), Soufian Ma'Aoui (Bass), and Marcus Johansson (Drums).

Title:  Soul Survivor  (2017)
Genre:  Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal
Label:  Frontiers Records
Rating:   *****


 1.  Adrenaline  (3:40)
 2.  Love Like Poison  (4:44)
 3.  Breaking The Chains  (3:50)
 4.  Soul Survivor  (4:42)
 5.  Stand My Ground  (4:08)
 6.  My Life  (3:50)
 7.  Break The Silence  (3:38)
 8.  Sinner  (3:55)
 9.  Shock Me  (3:41)
10. Wild Side  (3:47)
11. Don't Wake Me Up  (3:44)
12. Crash  (3:55)


Tave Wanning:  Lead Vocals
Sam Soderlindh:  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alexander Hagman:  Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joel Fox:  Bass, Backing Vocals
Marcus Johansson:  Drums

Soul Survivor is the second studio album by Adrenaline Rush, was released on April 21, 2017 by Frontiers Records. Great Melodic Metal, Great Lead Guitar!.

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