Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Artist:  Spoon
Origin:  Austin, Texas, USA
Genre:  Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Art Rock

Original line-up:

Britt Daniel:  Lead Vocals, Guitar
Greg Wilson:  Guitar
Andy Maguire:  Bass
Jim Eno:  Drums

Spoon is an American Indie Rock Band Formed in Austin, Texas formed by Britt Daniel (Vocals, Guitar), Jim Eno (Drums), Greg Wilson (Guitar) and Andy Maguire (Bass). 

Title:  Hot Thoughts  (2017)
Genre:  Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Art Rock
Label:  Matador Records
Rating:   *****


 1.  Hot Thoughts  (3:49)
 2.  Whisperl'llistentohearit  (4:21)
 3.  Do I Have To Talk You Into It  (4:20)
 4.  First Caress  (2:49)
 5.  Pink Up  (5:57)
 6.  Can I Sit Next To You  (3:54)
 7.  I Ain't The One  (3:48)
 8.  Tear It Down  (4:20)
 9.  Shotgun  (3:38)
10. Us  (4:59)


Britt Daniel:  Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, Percussion, Bass
Jim Eno:  Drums, Percussion, Keyboards
Alex Fischel:  Keyboards, Piano, Guitars, Percussion
Rob Pope:  Bass, Percussion

Hot Thoughts is the ninth studio album by Spoon, was released March 17, 2017 by Matador Records.  This is one of the masterpiece record!.

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