Thursday, April 13, 2017

Snake Eye

Artist:  Snake Eye
Origin:  London, England
Genre:  Rock, Progressive Rock, Folk Rock

Original line-up:

Ron Hales:  Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dave Ritchie:  Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ken Giles:  Bass, Vocals
Steve Jackson:  Drums

Snake Eye started life as the band Red Dirt from London, formed in 1970, and later changed the band's name to Snake Eye.  The band then toured with many of the top acts at the time including Free, Marc Bolan, The Kinks, Status Quo and J Geils Band.  Their music was described at the time as a cross between King Crimson, and Wishbone Ash like Free, Argent, Stray, Flash, Sam Apple Pie.  Manfred Mann praised the band "as one of the best bands he had seen".

Title:   The Journey  (2016)
Genre:  Rock, Progressive Rock, Folk Rock, Melodic Hard Rock
Label:  Angel Air
Rating:   *****


 1.  The Journey  (3:48)
 2.  World In A Mountain  (9:39)
 3.  Sweet Dream Lady  (9:50)
 4.  The Heart Of A Young Boy  (6:34)
 5.  Don't Be A Fool  (6:25)
 6.  The Journey's End  (13:16)

Bonus Tracks:

 7.  Tolly Cobbold  (2:40)
 8.  Hoe Down (Live 1972)  (2:01)


Ron Hales:  Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dave Ritchie:  Lead Guitar, Vocals, Violin
Ken Giles:  Bass, Vocals
Steve Jackson:  Drums
Gary Boroughs:  Drums on Tracks:  4, 5

The Journey is a great long lost album of Snake Eye, originally released in 1970, remastered and reissued on October 14, 2016 by Angel Air.  Their sound like Wishbone Ash, with twin guitars and a mixture of Rock Melodic.  For Fans of Wishbone Ash! and Music Collectors.

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