Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Paul Revere & the Raiders

Artist:  Paul Revere & The Raiders
Origin:  Boise, Idaho, USA
Genre:  Pop, Rock, Rock 'N' Roll, Garage, Bubblegum

Original line-up:

Paul Revere:  Keyboards
Mark Lindsay:  Vocals, Saxophone
Robert White:  Guitar
Richard White:  Guitar
William Hibbard:  Bass
Dick McGarvin: Drums

Paul Revere & The Raiders was an American Rock Band from Boise, Idaho, considerable U.S. mainstream success during 1960s and early 1970s.  The band hits songs such as "Kicks", "Hungry", "Indian Reservation", "Louie Louie", "Just Like Me", "Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon", "Let Me", "Steppin' Out", "Good Thing" and more!.

Title:  The Spirit Of '67 (Deluxe Edition)  (2016)
Genre:  Pop, Rock, Rock 'N' Roll, Garage, Bubblegum
Label:  Now Sounds
Rating:   *****


Mono LP Version:

 1.  Good Thing   (3:03)
 2.  All About Her  (2:58)
 3.  In My Community  (2:09)
 4.  Louise  (2:03)
 5.  Why? Why? Why? (Is It So Hard)  (2:40)
 6.  Oh! To Be A Man  (3:05)
 7.  Hungry  (2:59)
 8.  Undecided Man  (1:50)
 9.  Our Candidate  (2:34)
10. 1001 Arabian Nights  (3:59)
11. The Great Airplane Strike  (3:00)

Stereo LP Version:

12. Good Thing  (3:04)
13. All About Her  (3:02)
14. In My Community  (2:09)
15. Louise  (2:09)
16. Why? Why? Why? (Is It So Hard)  (2:57)
17. Oh! To Be A Man  (3:04)
18. Hungry  (2:57)
19. Undecided Man  (1:50)
20. Our Candidate  (2:52)
21. 1001 Arabian Nights  (4:26)
22. The Great Airplane Strike  (2:00)

Bonus Tracks:

23. (You're A) Bad Girl  (2:00)
24. Hungry (Alternate Version)  (3:33)
25. The Great Airplane Strike (Mono Single Version)  (2:57)


Paul Revere:  Keyboards
Mark Lindsay:  Lead Vocals, Saxophone
Phil "Fang" Volk:  Bass, Lead Vocals on Tracks:  3, 5, 14, 16
Michael "Smitty" Smith:  Drums, Lead Vocals on Tracks:  9, 20
Drake "The Kid" Levin"  Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jim "Harpo" Valley:  Guitar 

The Spirit Of '67 is the sixth studio album by Paul Revere & The Raiders, originally released on November 28, 1966 by Columbia Records, remastered and reissued November 25, 2012 by Now Sounds.  The Deluxe Edition marks the first-time digital release of the hard-to-find mix of Spirit Of '67 in stereo version and original mono masters included three Bonus Tracks, and full-colour booklet also includes rare photos and extensive liner notes.

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