Friday, April 21, 2017

Mike McGear

Artist:  Michael McGear (Mike McGear)
Birth Name:  Peter Michael McCartney
Born:  January 7 1944.  Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Genre:  Rock, Pop Rock, Contemporary Pop
Occupation:  Musician, Photographer
Instruments:  Piano, Guitar

Mike McGear is an English Musician and Photographer and the younger brother of Paul McCartney, he changed his name in the mid-'60s shortly after The Beatles become famous.  He was a member of The Scaffold, who recorded some fairly successful comedy Rock in the late '60s.

Title:  Woman  (2017)
Genre:  Rock, Pop Rock, Contemporary Pop
Label:  Esoteric Recordings
Rating:   ****


 1.  Woman  (3:08)
 2.  Witness  (4:09)
 3.  Jolly Good Show  (3:08)
 4.  Benna/Roamin' A Road  (2:39)
 5.  Benna/Sister  (3:24)
 6.  Wishin'   (3:28)
 7.  Young Young Man (Five Years Ago)/Young Young Man (Five Years Later)  (3:50)
 8.  Edward Heath  (0:59)
 9.  Bored As Butterscotch  (2:54)
10. Uptowndowntown  (2:29)
11: Black Beauty/Tiger/Strawberry Jam  (8:17)

Bonus Track:

12. Sister (First Version)  (3:13)


Mike McGear:  Vocals
Roger McGough:  Guitars
Andy Roberts:  Guitars
Roger Burn:  Bass
Dave Richards:  Bass
Zoot Money:  Piano, Keyboards
John Megginson:  Organ
Brian Auger:  keyboards
Norman Yardley:  Harmonica
Gerry Conway:  Drums, Percussion
Ginger Johnson:  Percussion
Michael Rosen:  Horns
Roger Ball:  Horns
Cecil Moss:  Horns
Chris Pyne:  Horns
Malcolm Duncan:  Horns
Paul Korda: Backing Vocals
Steve Gould:  Backing Vocals
Alan Gorrie:  Backing Vocals
Centipede:  Strings
Tony Coe:  Saxophone

Woman is the first solo album by Mike McGear, originally released on February 27, 1972 by Island Records, remastered and reissued on March 31, 2017 by Esoteric Recordings, with a previously unreleased Bonus Track, featuring Zoot Money, Brian Auger, Roger McGough, Andy Roberts and many more!.

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