Saturday, April 15, 2017


Artist:   Krokus
Origin:   Solothum, Switzerland
Genre:  Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Original line-up:

Chris Von Rohr:  Drums
Hansi Droz:  Guitar
Remo Spadino:  Bass
Tommy Kiefer:  Vocals, Guitar

Krokus is a Hard Rock Band from Switzerland, formed in 1975 by Chris von Rohr (Drums), Tommy Kiefer (Guitar), Remo Spadino (Bass), and Hansi Droz  (Guitar).  Krokus was successful in Switzerland, after seeing AC/DC in concert in the late 70s, they decided to change their musical direction which was heavily influenced by the band.

Title:  Big Rocks  (2017)
Genre:  Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Label:  Century Media
Rating:   ****


 1.  N.I.B.  (1:17)
 2.  Tie Your Mother Down  (3:43)
 3.  My Generation  (2:55)
 4.  Wild Thing  (3:53)
 5.  The House Of The Rising Sun  (4:22)
 6.  Rockin' In The World  (3:50)
 7.  Gimme Some Lovin'  (3:34)
 8.  Whole Lotta Love  (4:28)
 9.  Summertimes Blues  (3:32)
10. Born To Be Wild  (3:54)
11. Quinn The Eskimo  (3:36)
12. Jumpin' Jack Flash  (4:18)
13. Backstreet Rock'N'Roll  (7:24)


Marc Storace:  Lead Vocals
Chris Von Rohr:  Bass
Fermando Von Arb:  Guitar, Vocals
Mandy Meyer:  Guitar
Mark Kohler:  Guitar
Flavio Mezzodi:  Drums

Big Rocks is the eighteenth studio album by Krokus, was released on January 27, 2017 by Century Media.  The band play tribute to their roots on this album covers featuring the songs of Black Sabbath Queen, Who, Rolling Stones, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, The Troggs, The Animas, The Spencer Davis Group, Manfred Mann etc.

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