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Mike Bloomfield

Artist:  Michael Bloomfield
Birth Name:  Michael Bernard Bloomfield
Born:  July 28, 1943.  Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Died:  February 15, 1981.  San Francisco, California, USA.
Genre:   Blues, Blues Rock
Occupations:  Musician
Instruments:  Guitar, Piano

Mike Bloomfield was one of America's First Great White Blues Guitarist, he became one of the first popular music Superstars of the 1960s who earn the reputation on his instrumental and became the Chicago's Blues Legends and in 2003 he was ranked at No. 22 on Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Guitarist of All Time.

His early supporters were B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan and Buddy Guy, later he joined with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Electric Flag, Al Kooper, Nick Gravenites, Dr. John, John Hammond.

He also made an impact through his work with Al Kooper and Stephen Stills on the album Super Session in 1968, became the best-selling album and Masterpiece.

Title:  Live At The Bottom Line New York, 1975  (2017)
Genre:   Blues, Blues Rock
Label:  Klondike
Rating:   *****


 1.  How Long Can This Go On?  (5:17)
 2.  Orphans  Blues  (7:37)
 3.  Blue Highway  (7:53)
 4.  Buried Alive In The Blues  (6:22)
 5.  I'll Never Get Over Losing You  (12;55)
 6.  Station Announcements  (1:08)
 7.  Lights Out  (2:16)
 8.  You've Been Wrong For So Long  (7:30)
 9.  My Labors  (7:35)
10. Wine  (3:20)


Mike Bloomfield:  Guitar, Vocals
Nick Gravenites:  Guitar, Vocals
Mark Naftalin:  Piano
Roger Troy:  Bass
George Rains:  Drums

Live At The Bottom Line New York, 1975 is the live album by Mike Bloomfield, was released on January 13, 2017 by Klondike, recorded live at The Bottom Line New York 1975, includes the entire WLIR-FM Broadcast.

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