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Status Quo

Artist:  Status Quo
Origin:  London, England
Genre:  Rock, Boogie Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Contemporary Pop

Original line-up:

Francis Rossi:  Guitar, Vocals
Alan Lancaster:  Bass, Vocals
Jess Jaworski:  Keyboards
Alan Key:  Drums

Classic line-up:

Francis Rossi:  Guitar, Vocals
Rick Parfitt:  Guitar, Vocals
Alan Lancaster:  Bass
John Coghlan:  Drums

Status Quo are an English Rock Band from London, formed in 1962 by Francis Rossi (Guitar, Vocals), Alan Lancaster (Bass, Vocals), Jess Jaworski (Keyboards) and Alan Key (Drums).  Status Quo are one of Britain's longest-lived bands, staying together for over 40 years, and the band was only successful in the U.K.  In 1991, the band received a Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music.

Title:  The Party Ain't Over Yet (2 CD)  (2017)
Genre:  Rock, Boogie Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Contemporary Pop
Label:  Edsel Records
Rating:   *****


Disc 1:

 1.  The Party Ain't Over Yet  (3:51)
 2.  Gotta Get Up & Go  (4:18)
 3.  All That Counts Is Love  (3:41)
 4.  Familiar Blues  (5:09)
 5.  The Bubble  (5:36)
 6.  Belavista Man  (4:21)
 7.  Nevsooda  (3:52)
 8.  Velvet Train  (3:33)
 9.  Goodbye Baby  (4:08)
10.  You Never Stop  (4:33)
11. Kick Me When I'm Down  (3:17)
12. Cupid Stupid  (3:51)
13. This Is Me  (4:47)

Disc 2:  Bonus Tracks:

 1.  The Party Ain't Over Yet (Single Mix)  (3:58)
 2.  Belavista Man (Live At Emden)  (4:33)
 3.  I'm Not Ready  (4:38)
 4.  I'm Watching Over You  (3:54)
 5.  Gerdundula (Live 2005)  (6:49)
 6.  Exclusive Live Medley From Liverpool Pops 2005 featuring:
      -Mystery Song/Railroad/Most Of The Time/Again And Again/Slow Train  (10:05)


Francis Rossi;  Guitars, Vocals
Rick Parfitt:  Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Brown:  Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
John "Rhino" Edwards:  Bass, Vocals
Matt Letley:  Drums, Percussion

The Party Ain't Over Yet is the 2005 album, now expanded to 2 CDs by Status Quo, was released on January 20, 2017 by Edsel Records, includes rare B-Sides and a 10 minute Live Medley.

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