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Jackson Browne

Artist:  Jackson Browne
Birth Name:  Clyde Jackson Browne
Born:  October 9, 1948.  Heidelberg, West Germany
Genre:  Folk, Rock, Folk Rock, Country Rock, Soft Rock
Occupations:  Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Instruments:  Vocals, Guitar, Piano

Jackson Browne is an American Singer and Songwriter and he has recorded many songs such as "Running On Empty", "Doctor My Eyes", "Take It Easy", "These Days", "Stay", and many more!.  He has sold over 18 million albums in the U.S. and he was inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Title:  Eugene Oregon 1994 (2 CD Set) (2016)
Genre:  Folk, Rock, Folk Rock, Country Rock, Soft Rock
Label:  Leftfield Media
Rating:   ****


Disc 1:

 1.  Two Of Me, Two Of You  (3:07)
 2.  Doctor My Eyes  (4:50)
 3.  I'm Alive  (5:16)
 4.  World In Motion  (5:02)
 5.  Everywhere I Go  (6:39)
 6.  M Problem Is You  (5:06)
 7.  In The Shape Of The Heart  (6:24)
 8.  Late For The Sky  (5:59)
 9.  Your Bright Baby Blues  (6:29)
10. Miles Away  (4:28)

Disc 2:

 1.  Too Many Angels  (7:57)
 2.  For Everyman  (7:14)
 3.  Boulevard  (3:51)
 4.  That Girl Could Sing  (5:50)
 5.  Sky Blue And Black  (6:21)
 6.  Band Intro  (1:34)
 7.  The Pretender  (7:00)
 8.  Running On Empty  (5:01)
 9.  The Lord Out/Stay  (9:47)
10. Linda Paloma  (4:59)
11. 1994 Interviews  (4:38)


Jackson Browne:  Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Marc Goldenberg:  Guitars, Vocals
Kevin McCormick:  Bass
Mauricio "Fritz" Lewak:  Drums
Luis Conte:  Percussion, Vocals
Jeffrey Young:  Keyboards, Vocals
Scott Thurston:  Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar
Vonda Shepherd:  Backing Vocals
Valerie Carter:  Backing Vocals

Eugene Oregon 1994 is classic broadcast from the comeback 1994 tour in 1993 by Jackson Browne, was released on November 18, 2016 by Leftfield Media, recorded live from FM Broadcast Recorded at The Hult Centre for The Performing Arts, Eugene, Oregon, March 1, 1994.

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