Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Outlaws

Artist:  The Outlaws
Origin: Tampa, Florida, USA
Genre:  Southern Rock, Country Rock, Roots Rock

Original line-up:

Hughie Thomasson:  Guitars, Vocals, Pedal Steel Guitar, Banjo
Frank Guidry:  Guitar
Herb Pino:  Guitar, Vocals
Phil Holmberg:  Bass
Hobie O'Brien:  Guitar
David Dix:  Drums, Percussion

The Outlaws are an American Southern Rock Band from Tampa, Florida, formed in 1967 by Frank Guidry (Guitar), David Dix (Drums), Hughie Thomasson:  Guitar, Vocals, Pedal Steel Guitar), Herb Pino:  Guitar, Vocals, Hobie O'Brien (Guitar) and Phil Holmberg (Bass).  Best known for their 1975 hits "There Goes Another Love Song" and "Green Grass And High Tides".

Title:  Legacy Live (2 CD)  (2016)
Genre:  Southern Rock, Country Rock, Roots Rock
Label:  Steamhammer/SPV
Rating:   ****


Disc 1:

 1.  Intro  (1:10)
 2.  There Goes Another Love Song  (3:03)
 3.  Hurry Sundown  (4:30)
 4.  Hidin' Out In Tennessee  (4:10)
 5.  Freebor Man  (6:44)
 6.  Born To Be Bad  (5:37)
 7.  Song In The Breeze  (4:48)
 8.  Girl From Ohio  (5:08)
 9.  Holiday  (4:32)
10. Gunsmoke  (4:50)
11. Grey Ghost  (11:27)

Disc 2:

 1.  South Carolina  (3:44)
 2.  So Long  (6:33)
 3.  Prisoner  (8:11)
 4.  Cold Harbor  (4:43)
 5.  Trail Of Tears  (3:53)
 6.  It's About Pride  (7:25)
 7.  Waterhole  (2:20)
 8.  Knoxville Girl  (4:01)
 9.  Green Grass And High Tides  (13:54)
10 (Ghost) Riders In The Sky  (6:36)


Henry Paul:  Guitar, Vocals
Monte Yoho:   Drums, Percussion
Chris Anderson:  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve Grisham:  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Randy Threet:  Bass, Backing Vocals
Dave Robbins:  Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Legacy Live is the live album by The Outlaws, was released on November 11, 2016 bt Steamhammer/SPV.  This 2 recordset was recorded in 2015 to celebrate The 40th Anniversary of the release of the band's first album.

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