Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Van Zant

Artist:  Van Zant
Origin:  Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Genre:  Southern Rock, Country Rock, Hard Rock, Arena Rock

Original line-up:

Donnie Van Zant:  Vocals
Johnny Van Zant:  Vocals

Van Zant is an American Southern Rock Duo, formed in 1985, composed of brothers Donnie Van Zant (Vocals Ex .38 Special) and Johnny Van Zant (Vocals Ex The Johnny Van Zant Band).  Both are brothers of Ronnie Van Zant, former lead singer for the Southern Rock Band Lynyrd Skynyrd,  Johnny became the lead vocalist for the reunited Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1987.  Johnny and Donnie re-established Van Zant in 1998.

Title:  Red White & Blue (Live)  (2016)
Genre:  Southern Rock, Country Rock, Hard Rock, Arena Rock
Label:  Loud & Proud Records
Rating:   *****


 1.  Talkin' Up Space  (3:06)
 2.  Ain't Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do  (3:35)
 3.  Sweet Mama  (3:30)
 4.  Wild Eyed Southern Boys  (5:46)
 5.  Thing I Miss The Most  (4:09)
 6.  I Know My History  (4:29)
 7.  Help Somebody  (4:26)
 8.  Plain Jane  (4:04)
 9.  I Can't Help Myself  (4:11)
10. I'm Doin' Alright  (4:00)
11. Red White & Blue  (5:33)
12. My Kinda Country  (4:17)
13. Call Me The Breeze  (5:46)
14. Sweet Home Alabama  (6:08)


The Van Zant Band:

Donnie Van Zant:  Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
Johnny Van Zant:  Lead Vocals, Background Vocals

Bobby Capps:  Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Cirkvencic:  Guitar
Matt Hauer:  Guitar, Vocals
Garry Moja Hensley:  Bass
Noah Hungerford:  Drums
Eric Lundgren:  Guitar, Vocals
Mark Muller:  Steel Guitar, Guitar, Fiddle

Additional Musicians:

Kenny Greenberg:  Electric Guitar
Tom Bukovac:  Electric Guitar
Kim Keyes:  Background Vocals
Vicki Hampton:  Background Vocals

Red White & Blue is the live album by Van Zant, was released on July 1, 2016 by Loud & Proud Records, features "My Kinda Country" and "Sweet Home Alabama".

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