Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Artist:  Theocracy
Origin:  Athens, Georgia, USA
Genre:  Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Christian Metal

Original line-up:

Matt Smith:  Lead Vocals 

Theocracy is a Christian Progressive Power Metal Band from Athens, Georgia, formed in 2002 by Matt Smith as a One-Man Project and All The Instruments and Vocals on the debut album Theocracy were performed by Matt Smith. The Band mixed the Power Metal Style of Edguy, Iced Earth and Helloween with Progressive influences such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Kansas and Rush.

Title:  Ghost Ship  (2016)
Genre:  Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Christian Metal
Label:  Flying Dolphin
Rating:   *****


 1.  Paper Tiger  (5:12)
 2.  Ghost Ship  (4:39)
 3.  The Wonder Of It All  (6:37)
 4. Wishing Well  (5:01)
 5.  Around The World And Back  (4:56)
 6.  Stir The Embers  (4:07)
 7.  A Call To Arms  (4:39)
 8.  Currency In A Bankrupt World  (4:40)
 9.  Castaway  (4:42)
10. Easter  (9:52)


Matt Smith:  Lead Vocals, Additional Guitar, Keyboards, Orchestration Programming
Val Allen Wood:  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jonathan Hinds:  Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Jared Oldham:  Bass, Backing Vocals
Shawn Benson:  Drums

Ghost Ship is the fourth studio album by Theocracy, was released on October 28, 2016 by Flying Dolphin.  One of The Greatest Progressive Power Metal and Melodic Metal Album.  For Fans of Dream Theater and Symphony X.  Highly Recommended!.

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