Friday, November 4, 2016

The Happenings

Artist:  The Happenings
Origin: Paterson, New Jersey, USA
Genre:  Pop, Sunshine Pop, Baroque Pop, Cover Band

Original line-up:

Bob Miranda:  Lead Vocals
David Libert:  Vocals
Tom Giuliano:  Vocals
Ralph DiVito:  Vocals

The Happenings are an American Pop Music Group from Paterson, New Jersey, formed in 1961, the initially called "The Four Grads" because all had just graduated from high school in Paterson, New Jersey, before changed to "The Happenings".  The band's original concept and much of its commercial success came as a Cover Band playing classic songs.  The group's major hits were "See You In September" (1966), "I Got Rhythm" (1967).  The group had nine Billboard Hot 100 Singles Hits from 1966 to 1968, including versions of "Go Away Little Girl" (No. 2), "My Mammy" (No. 13), and more!.

Title:  The Very Best Of The Happenings  (2016)
Genre:  Pop, Sunshine Pop, Baroque Pop, Cover Band
Label:  Varese Sarabande
Rating:  ****


 1.  See You In September  (2:32)
 2.  Go Away Little Girl  (2:22)
 3.  Tonight I Fell In Love  (2:21)
 4.  Goodnight My Love  (2:37)
 5.  I Got Rhythm  (3:04)
 6.  I'm Always Chasing Rainbows  (2:39)
 7.  My Mammy  (3:01)
 8.  I Believe In Nothing  (2:42)
 9.  Why Do Fools Fall In Love?  (2:54)
10. When The Summer Is Through  (2:35)
11. Music Music Music  (2:44)
12. Randy  (2:50)
13. Seals With A Kiss  (2:28)
14. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do  (2:29)
15. Girl On A Swing  (2:31)
16. Where Do I Go/Be-In (Hare Krishna)  (2:38)

The Very Best Of The Happenings is the first ever complete greatest hits collection album by The Happenings, was released on June 3, 2016 by Varese Sarabande, features the hits "See You In September", "I Got Rhythm", "Go Away Little Girl" and "My Mammy" and more!.

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