Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bon Jovi

Artist:  Bon Jovi
Origin:  Sayreville, New Jersey, USA.
Genre:  Rock, Hard Rock, Glam Metal

Original line-up:

Jon Bon Jovi:  Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
David Bryan:  Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Richie Sambora:   Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tico Torres:  Drums
Alec John Such:  Bass, Backing Vocals

Bon Jovi is an American Rock Band from Sayreville, New Jersey, formed in 1983 by Jon Bon Jovi (Lead Vocals), Richie Sambora (Guitar), David Bryan (Keyboards) and Tico Torres (Drums) has remained till today, and Alec John Such (Bass) as left the band in 1994.  The band was successful in 1988 with the album New Jersey (45 album) equally with Slippery When We (3rd album in 1986)  with many single hits and number-one-songs on the Billboard Hot 100, and the band has sold 130 million records worldwide and more than 35 million fans.  Bon Jovi was inducted into the UK Music Hall Of Fame in 2006 and was also honored with the Award of Merit at the American Music Awards in 2004, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora were inducted into Songwriters Hall Of Fame in 2009.

Title:  This House Is Not For Sale (Deluxe Edition)  (2016)
Genre:  Rock, Hard Rock, Glam Metal
Label:  Island Records
Rating:  ****


 1.  This House Is Not For Ghost  (3:36)
 2.  Living With The Ghost  (4;44)
 3.  Knockout  (3;29)
 4.  Labor Of Love  (5:03)
 5.  Born Again Tomorrow  (3:33)
 6.  Roller Coaster  (3:40)
 7.  New Year's Day  (4:27)
 8.  The Devil's In The Temple  (3:19)
 9.  Scars On This Guitar  (5:05)
10. God Bless This Mess  (3:23)
11. Reunion  (4:14)
12. Come On Up To Our House  (4:35)

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:

13. Real Love  (4:34)
14. All Hall The King  (4:54)
15. We Don't Run  (3:17)


Jon Bon Jovi:  Lead Vocals
David Bryan:  Keyboards, Piano, Pedal Steel Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tico Torres:  Drums, Percussion
Hugh McDonald:  Bass, Backing Vocals
Phil X:  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Additional Musician:

John Shanks:  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals on Track 5

This House Is Not For Sale is the thirteenth studio album by Bon Jovi, was released on November 4, 2016 by Island Records.  It is the first studio album without former lead guitarist Richie Sambora, featuring "This House Is Not For Sale", "Knockout", "Born Again Tomorrow", "Labor Of Love", for Deluxe Edtion plus 3 Bonus.

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