Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sonata Arctica

Artist:  Sonata Arctica
Origin:  Kemi, Finland
Genre:  Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal

Original line-up:

Marko Paasikoski:  Guitar
Jani Liimatainen:  Guitar
Tommy Portimo:  Drums
Pentti Peura:  Bass, Backing Vocals
Tony Kakko:  Lead Vocals, Keyboards

Sonata Arctica is a Finnish Power Metal Band from Kemi, Finland by Marko Paasikoski (Guitar), Jani Liimatainen (Guitar) and Tommy Portimo (Drums) at the end of 1995, and joined by Tony Kakko (Vocals) and Pentti Peura (Bass) in early 1996.   Originally named Tricky Beans played Hard Rock, in 1997 the band changed their name to Tricky Means and changed their name to Sonata Arctica in 1999, played Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal.

Title:  The Ninth Hour (Limited Edition) (2016)
Genre:  Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal
Label:  Nuclear Blast
Rating:   *****


 1.  Closer To An Animal  (5:23)
 2.  Life  (5:07)
 3.  Fairytale  (6:39)
 4.  We Are What We Are  (5:25)
 5.  Till Death's Done Us Apart  (6:06)
 6.  Among The Shooting Stars  (4:11)
 7.  Rise A Night  (4:28)
 8.  Fly, Navigate, Communicate  (4:28)
 9.  Candle Lawns  (4:33)
10. White Pearl, Black Oceans Part II:  "By The Grace Of The Ocean"  (10:13)
11. On The Faultline (Closure To An Animal)  (5:34)

Digipak Bonus Track:

12. Run To You  (3:35)


Tony Kakko:  Vocals, Additional Keyboards, Programming, Additional Acoustic Guitar, Choirs and Backing Vocals
Elias Viljanen:  Guitar
Pasi Kauppinen:  Bass
Henrik Klingenberg:  Keyboards
Tommy Portimo:  Drums

The Ninth Hour is the Ninth studio album by Sonata Arctica, was released on October 7, 2016 by Nuclear Blast, includes Bonus Track.

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