Sunday, November 3, 2013

After Tea

Artist:   After Tea
Origin:  Netherlands
Genre:  Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Original line-up:

Hans van Eljck:  Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Ray Fenwick:  Guitar, Vocals
Rob "Polle" Edward:  Bass, Organ, Vocals
Martin Hage:  Drums

After Tea were a Dutch Progressive Blues Rock Band from members of The Tee Set who wanted to stretch out with some heaviness with plenty of long screaming guitar heavy bluesy and was released only two albums.

Title:   Joint House Blues  (2013)
Genre:  Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Label:   Pseudonym Records
Rating:   *****


 1.  Joint House Blues  (4:05)
 2.  You've Got To Move Me  (5:40)
 3.  I'm Here (And Nowhere Else) (3:42)
 4.  Someday  (5:44)
 5.  Let's Come All Together  (6:00)
 6.  Trial/Punishent/The End   (25:16)

Bonus Tracks:

 7.  Sunshine Eyes (Mono) (3:02)
 8.  Joint House Blues (Mono Original Version) (2:44)
 9.  Please Come My Love  (3:06)
10. Think  (3:04)
11. Sun  (2:56)
12. Love Song To Mother Nature  (4:19)
13. Fame  (3:38)


Ulli Grun:  Keyboards, Piano Backing Vocals
Ferry Lever:  Rhythm & Solo Guitar, Backing Vocals on Tracks 1-11
Polle Eduard:  Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Banjo, Jews Harp, Lead Vocals
Ilja Gort:  Drums, Congas

Guest Appearece:

John Bakker:  Mouth-Harp on Track 1

Joint House Blues is the remastered in the 24-Bit Domain from the original master tapes by After Tea, was released on January 21, 2013 by Pseudonym Records.

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